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Frequently Asked Questions

3D ultrasound

1. What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to reflect off internal body parts. The reflected waves are picked up by the probe (the device that moves across the tummy) and relayed to the machine. The sounds (or echoes) are electronically changed into pictures (or images). The machine displays the distances and intensities of the echoes on the screen , forming a two dimensional image.  2D images are black and white and often  printed on thin, glossy thermal paper.  A 3D ultrasound is a three dimensional image of your baby that provides a sense of depth and allows you to see surfaces and detail, such as adorable little noses and precious little toes. 4D ultrasound simply means 3D in “real” time. Also known as “live motion,” it is just that—the baby moving—captured on video. 

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2. Does this take the place of an ultrasound in my doctor’s office?

Definitely not. Our procedures are elective only and should not be used in place of a full diagnostic scan from your medical doctor. That is why we require that you are under a doctor/midwife's care.

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3. Are your sonographers experienced?

At Miracle in Sight we know that nothing can take the place of experience, so therefore we require that our sonographers be experienced and proficient in ultrasound scanning. We set the highest standards of care because we know that it’s the right way to do business. We will only settle for the best—and we are confident that is what our clients will get from us at Miracle in Sight. 

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4. What happens if my baby is one of the uncooperative ones?

Obviously each scan is different, but we are very successful in getting just what we need. However, there are some occasions where we have to be a little creative. We will re-position you, have you stretch or eat/drink something to help get the baby moving. Sometimes baby wins and we have no choice but to ask you to return another time. It is a complimentary return appointment at no additional cost to you. However, I will say that you should be drinking plenty of water daily to ensure that baby has plenty of room to move around.

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5. How many weeks should I be before I schedule my first ultrasound?

13.5 weeks is the earliest for a 2D scan to determine gender.  If you are planning on having the 3D/4D ultrasound scan, we suggest 26-32 weeks, with 28-30 being optimal for most pregnancies. This is just the BEST time and does not mean that we can't schedule you past 32 weeks. 

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6. Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we schedule by appointment only. Sometimes we can accommodate same day appointments. Keep in mind that late afternoon and Saturday appointments fill up fast! 

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7. Can I bring family, friends, children with me?

Absolutely, we don’t call it the “Family Room” for nothing!  We know that the experience of meeting your baby for the first time is made even more special when shared with loved ones. We can accommodate 6-8 people comfortably.  However, we never limit the amount of loved ones that our clients wish to bring to share in their baby’s big ultrasound debut, so we’ll find more chairs or comfy pillows for as many as we can. With our big screen TV, there’s a great view from anywhere in the room, and if you don’t mind standing room only, we don’t either! 

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8. What if we want to keep gender a secret?

No problem at all! We’ll never give away the secret—and we will gladly put the results in an envelope or you if requested. We like surprises too! 

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9. What if I am having twins?

We suggest 26-28 weeks. The further along in your pregnancy, the less room there is with twins and thus more difficulty in getting good images. There is an additional $10 charge for the Gender in Sight package and $25 for the 3D/4D packages. It can be much more difficult to scan twins, mostly due to their position in the womb so we do spend more time trying to get the images we want. It’s not uncommon to ask our expectant mothers of twins to return for a rescan.  You will also receive a set of pictures for each baby. 

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10. Is this covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, no. This is an elective limited diagnostic ultrasound and therefore it is not covered by insurance as a medical procedure. 

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11. Do I need a full bladder?

Just be comfortable, no full bladder needed. However, you DO want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water daily for at least a week before your appointment. 

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12. What should I wear?

Again, be comfortable—but, no tight or restrictive pants.  If you wear a dress, be sure to wear shorts underneath. 

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13. Do you have gift certificates?

Yes, we do. Many of our clients have received one of our gift certificates as a shower gift. You don’t even need to come in to purchase one—just call us with all the information and we can mail it to her or you. 

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